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The next version of your favorite pinball tournament software is ready for you.

What’s Happening?

Welcome to the new version of Match Play Events. This new version contains many new features, fixes a ton of bugs and is generally built to be more reliable than the legacy version you've used in the past.

The legacy version of Match Play Events was created when the world of competitive pinball was very different. After eight years it's no longer able to keep up with the massive amount of tournaments happening every month. To put it simply: In order to continue to function a replacement had to be built. This is that replacement.

Consider switching to the new version as soon as possible. The legacy version of Match Play Events is no longer supported and will no longer receive updates. It will be shut down as soon as the new version is complete.

Questions and answers

Do I need a new account?
You do not need a new account. Sign in using the e-mail and password you use for the legacy version of Match Play.
What happens to my old tournaments?
All your old tournaments are safe. The legacy and new versions of Match Play store tournament data in the same location. Once you sign in to the new version, you will see your old tournaments.
When is the old Match Play being shut down?
The exact timing is not decided yet, but likely to be at some point in 2023. The best time to switch is today so you have time to familiarize yourself with all the new capabilities.
Which new features are available?
There are too many to list but some highlights are new tournament formats such as Max Match Play, Target Match Play and Amazing Race as well as a registration system and more stats for your tournaments.
What’s missing in the new version?
The list of missing features is getting smaller every month. All tournament formats are present in the new version and the missing features are mostly on the fringes such as small areas around the ratings system.
Can I switch between versions?
In most cases switching between the new version of legacy version should be okay (just remember to reload your browser after switching), but if your tournament uses any of the new features introduced in the new version (for example, the new queue system for Best Game tournaments) then you can’t switch between versions.

About Match Play

Since 2015 Match Play has served as the one-stop solution for pinball tournaments. Over a dozen different tournament formats are available from simple brackets to pinball-specific formats like four-player elimination brackets and Flip Frenzies. Players can follow along from their mobile devices and view historical data for past events.

Match Play Events is built and maintained by Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen.